Kids Church

Kids Church

You are invited to join us! Kids Church is for all children and pre-teens ages 3 to 12. For more information about our lessons and special activities please send us an email.

Welcome to Kids Church. Let’s grow together!

Join us this year as we learn about growing Godly character. How does God want us to be? What is inside us that changes everything around us? Our interactive lessons allow each child to explore the Bible and discover the wonderful ways that God loves us and how He wants us to treat ourselves and others.

As we grow together we will:

  • Investigate what the Bible says about how to grow
  • Learn about talking with God
  • Invite our families to grow with us
  • Collect great prizes
  • Have a lot of fun with our friends!

We hope you choose to grow with us. See you soon and bring a friend!

Kids church – how we got our name

Many years ago we used a curriculum called Kids in Divine Service (K.i.D.S.) and the name stuck! Our group name reminds us of the great opportunity we have to serve God and each other every day. We recognize that our children are an active and important part of God’s family.

Safety first!

At Grace Christian Church we have a great group of volunteers that share God’s love, hope and truth with the children and pre-teens. There is a specific screening process for all volunteers, including a police and abuse registry check. The church follows a Child Abuse Prevention Plan implemented at the local and national level.

What do we pray to be?
What do we pray to have?

Our prayer for our children is that they will learn early in life to rely on you alone. May they persevere, depending on the resources You have given them – Your Holy Spirit, Your Word, prayer and other Christians – rather than attempting to succeed in their own strength. We pray that faith, goodness, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love may be developed in their lives so they will be effective and productive individuals (2 Peter 1:5-8)!